Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is a powerful system of medicine designed to address patients on a body, mind and spirit level. Practiced for over 3000 years in China, the benefit of acupuncture treatment is now clearly recognized and well documented in western medical journals and in medical institutions across the United States. Because of its relatively low cost and its noninvasive nature, acupuncture has become a highly popular form of complementary health care. In this gentle form of medicine, each treatment is designed uniquely to address imbalance as it is specifically experienced by each individual.

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Client testimonials

Nancy, this experience has made me more aware of myself and my place in the universe


The physical improvements after these sessions have been relief of chronic knee pain from an old injury, an increased peak flow and no exacerbations of asthma for the first time in 2 years. In general felt as though I had a whole body tune up as well as a lightening up of an often too serious mind.


I believe the acupuncture is helping me become stronger in all of the aspects of my life…


Nancy listens and takes the time to understand your needs. She is very compassionate, knowledgeable, and is always full of encouragement. Nancy has a passion for her work, and I look forward to my appointments. Because of Nancy, acupuncture has become a mainstay in my life.


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12 Oct 2012
Study Finds Acupuncture Effective in Chronic Pain Relief

What a relief! It is gratifying to those of us who both receive and administer acupuncture that a new rigorous study financed by the National Institutes of Health has found that indeed acupuncture is effective in relieving chronic pain.. It has been my hope that each patient approach acupuncture with scientific wonder, observation and attention to discover for herself what shows up when the energy and information of the body qi moves with breathing, diet, exercise, meditation and acupuncture. Here is part of the article from the New York Times:

05 Jun 2012
New Website

Welcome to the new website! My niece’s son created it using some of the content from the other site. I love the blue and gray look. So much of acupuncture is about movement, and color inspires a sense of movement that goes along with it’s mood. Summer with its great variety of color and shapes inspires movement in every way. Happy Summer!